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Alia Bhatt is a very beautiful and hot actress in Bollywood industry, she born into Bhatt family daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and soni rajdan, right now her age is 25, right now alia Bhatt don’t have any boyfriends But for the Previous year they making laughing conversation between audience during their film promotions. That why People searching for alia Bhatt jokes, funny alia Bhatt jokes, comedy jokes of alia Bhatt etc. searches come in world wide web, so in this post if you looking for best alia Bhatt jokes, so right now you are at a right place, here we sharing very funny jokes on alia Bhatt, If You Like This Post Please Share this alia Bhatt jokes with Your Friends and Family Member.

Full List of Alia Bhatt Jokes

  1. Alia bhat vs Modi jokes
  •    Modi (to Alia):  Agar Tumhe 2 Minute Ke Liye Prime Minister Banadu to Kya Karogi

Alia Bhatt: Me 2 Min me Maggi Banaugi

Modi (to Alia):  or Agar 5 min Ke Liye Prime Minister Mana Diya to Kya Krogi

Alia Bhatt: Kuch nai Maggi hi Banaungi lekin itni Sari Maggi Khayega Kaun

2. Alia Bhatt vs Karan Jokes

  •  Karan Johar(to Alia): Who is the Current Coach in Indian Hockey Team,

     Alia Bhatt : its simple shah Rukh khan ..ohh sry Kabir Khan

     3. Alia Bhatt vs Varun Dhawan Jokes

  • Varun Dhawan (to Alia) :  Date?

Alia Bhatt(to Varun) : Nai Aaj Nai

Varun Dhawan(to Alia) : Abe Aaj Ki Date?

Aliat Bhatt(to Varun ) : nahi aaaj nahi kal nahi paraso nahi kabhi nahi

Varun Dhawan(to alia) : Are Didi Aaj Kaun Si Date Hui ???

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  • Alia Bhatt (to Varun) :Are Yaar Kal Raat Mere Gar Chori Hui Thi sab Kuch Le Gye  Sivay Mere t.v

Varun Dhawan(to Alia) : so T.V Kyun Nhi Le Gaye

Alia Bhatt (to Varun) : Kyunki T.V Mein Dekh Rhi thi…

4. Alia Bhatt vs Kejriwal Jokes

  • Kejriwal (to Alia): Batao 3* 4 Kitna Hota he

Alia Bhatt (to Kejriwal): ji sir ji its 12

Kejriwal(to Alia) : ohk phir 4*3 Kitna Hota he?

Alia Bhatt(to Kejriwal) : its too simple 21 lolzzzzz

5. Alia Bhatt vs Mahesh Bhatt Jokes

  • Alia Bhatt (to mahesh) :  papa Mujhe Naya Calculator lake do

Mahesh Bhatt (to alia) : casio ??

Alia Bhatt:  Me thik Hu Aap Kaise Ho

6. Alia Bhatt  vs Modi Jokes

Modi( to Alia) : There is No Impossible Word in My Dictionary

Alia Bhatt (to Modi) :  Tum Bilkul Pagal ho Jaha Se Kharidi Thi Waha Se Chek Krke Leni Chahiye Na